FARMserver Update: High Priority Situational Alerts

Located between our agronomy and weather alerts under notifications, we have introduced another new tool in FARMserver to keep you informed during the growing season, the high-priority situational alerts.

What is a high-priority situational alert? It is an alert delivered with high importance that provides timely information on specific agronomic conditions that could impact yield potential. Examples of these timely alerts are listed below:

What is a Situational Alert?

The following situations are a few examples of when you can expect to receive a Situational Alert, along with helpful agronomic recommendations:

  • Corn/Soybean Frost – Air temperatures reach 28 degrees or lower sustained for 3+ hours
  • Corn Crown Rot Risk – Rainfall event occurs greater than 1.5 inches between 300 and 700 GDU
  • Corn pollination impacted by heat/drought – No rainfall event during R1 and R2 growth stages
  • Corn nitrogen loss potential – Rainfall event greater than 2.5 inches
  • Corn stalk disease – Rainfall event greater than 4 inches in a 48 hour period
  • Soybean Hail – Hail recorded on the field

Along with our PFR, Agronomy, and Weather alerts, these notifications can be viewed via email or text, making them customizable to your viewing preference. Once enabled, you will receive a notification the morning after one of these events occurred. This is important for focusing your scouting efforts on the fields that need it most.    

High Priority Situational Alerts are a great example that FARMserver is not just another precision ag platform but an engagement tool to keep you informed about what is going on in your fields.

To sign up for the High Priority Situational Alerts and to see all the other features built into FARMserver, please visit for more information or contact your local Beck’s Dealer or Regional Precision Technology Specialist.

Nick Yates | Regional Precision Technology Specialist