Precision Ag. Simplified.

The foundation for all your precision farming activities.

FARMserver is a precision farming platform brought to you by

FARMserver is a precision farming platform brought to you by

Do-it-Yourself Management Zones

FARMserver features an easy, step-by-step process that puts Management Zone and VRS Prescription creation in your hands.  When it comes to your fields, you know them best!

Comprehensive Reports

You can generate reports such as yield by soil type, planting, yield by hybrid, or yield by prescription, which can be valuable in helping you evaluate the performance and areas to improve
in each of your fields.

Mobile Access

Take FARMserver from desktop to field and experience the freedom of a truly portable precision ag tool.

Seed selection, streamlined.

Match seed to your fields and take the guesswork out of product selection with FARMserver.  We help place the best Beck’s product in your field!

Field-focused Recordkeeping

Record detailed events in your fields to reference during any season or year and make better informed decisions for your operation.

Full Support

With FARMserver you’ll never be without support for any portion of your account.  In addition to your local Field Advisor, support is always available by calling 317.565.4120 or emailing

 FARMserver integrates with your data from the following platforms

Field Crop Growth Model Provides:

Actionable, in-season agronomic and PFR Proven notifications specific to each field

Standout agronomic products and practices that consistently perform

Cultural, chemical, mechanical, and biological advice pre-season to post-harvest


Simple plans.  Simple pricing.


$0per year

  • Add farms and fields
  • Field Weather
  • Seed Selection Tool
  • iOS Scouting App


$999per year


  • Data Integrations
  • Farm Data Importing
  • Farm Data Storage
  • Drone Imagery
  • Farm Data Reporting
  • Yield Reporting
  • ROI Tool and Integrations
  • Mgmt Zones and VRS Prescriptions
  • Share and Restrict Data Viewing


“What you measure, tends to improve.”

A favorite quote by Sonny’s father, Francis Beck, this phrase is the reason the Beck family feels so passionate about record keeping. We want to help you, as farmers, succeed in your operations and we really believe that “What you measure, tends to improve.” Your monitors are measuring something and FARMserver is a tool to help you utilize and improve on those measurements. From refining your product placement in the Seed Selection tool to creating highly detailed zones with the Multi-Layer function, there are many ways to analyze the information you’re collecting.

  • FARMserver is so easy to run, you can run the whole thing from your cell phone - thats the way I use it...Its easy enough that if you need to do it on your own, you can do it.

    -Ryan Rooney, Huntington, Indiana

  • Its my data, its not shared, and I also like the fact that it is very farmer friendly.

    - Chris Kelley, Sharpsville, Indiana


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