FARMserver Update: Integrations in FARMserver and Tractor Monitor Resources

Do you ever wish your fields could talk to you? Well, with FARMserver’s Crop Growth Model that stages your crops and sends you in-season alerts, now they can! Take advantage of the “Integrations” in FARMserver to ensure that your planting data flows in and triggers your account to send in-season alerts relative to each growth stage. Making sure the “Integration” with your MyJohnDeere, FieldView, AgFiniti, AFS Connect, AGCO, or Slingshot account is set up before planting is imperative to ensure your data from 2022 imports into FARMserver without you ever having to touch a button.

If you don’t have an integration set up yet, all you need is your FARMserver account and your other platform’s login credentials. If you currently have an Integration, ensure it’s connected by reviewing the Manage Connections page and double-checking that your current connection has a blue check next to it. If there is no blue checkmark, you will need to reconnect. Check out the “Help” section on your left-hand menu for instructional videos on deleting and reconnecting John Deere connections to your FARMserver account.

If you have any questions about setting up a new integration or managing your current ones, please reach out to your respective Precision Technology Specialist or contact FARMserver support. We will make sure you are ready for #plant2022.

Each year, the number one pain point for many farmers is relearning, setting up, and troubleshooting their monitors. Often, we have to take time off from fieldwork, and we forget exactly how to navigate the monitor we are using when we jump back into the tractor. Iowa State University has a great resource that will walk you through almost any monitor and operation step by step. CLICK HERE to access this resource.

Below are two example screenshots of a Case Pro700 with red boxes around the tab you are supposed to touch with each step.


This spring, planting has been delayed in many areas but has been off and running in others. If there is anything Beck’s and your Regional FARMserver team can do to assist your success this spring, don’t hesitate to contact us! We wish you a safe and happy planting season!


By Sheila Downey | Regional Precision Technology Specialist