FARMserver Updates: New Notification Options

Springtime is here, and planters are going to be rolling soon! While we know you’re busy with equipment preparations, we wanted to remind you about some software preparations as well.

Have you heard about our new Notification options in FARMserver? 

Last summer, we rolled out the Growth Stage Model in FARMserver, and it was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Using the daily weather data that FARMserver automatically collects for each field, along with the planting date and relative maturity of your crop, FARMserver predicts the growth stage throughout the year. As conditions change, the Growth Stage changes too. It indicates the date for each growth stage and predicts the timeframe for harvest. A summary of total rainfall, total GDUs, the number of days higher than 90°, and the number of days with wind greater than 30 mph are included below the chart from the day you planted to the current day.

In addition to that valuable information, you might notice the green and gray dots on the Growth Stage Chart. Those dots are alerts specific to that growth stage. When you click on these dots, links to relevant PFR studies, agronomy briefs, agronomy videos, and other informational resources for that stage will pop up. When the Growth Stage Model was released last summer, users had to log into FARMserver directly to see those alerts. New for this year, you can sign up to receive these alert notifications and get them delivered straight to your phone via text or email, or both. You get to choose!

When you first log into FARMserver, click the My Account under your organizational name in the top right to view the Notifications tab. From there, you can choose how frequently you want to receive notifications and how you want them delivered. About ten days before you reach a specific growth stage, the relevant notifications will arrive with a link to your Growth Stage Report. The report will summarize each field’s growth stages and active links to the corresponding PFR and agronomy alerts. These PDF reports can be printed, forwarded on, or deleted. You can also go back and change your notification settings throughout the year as needed.

Bringing PFR and agronomy alerts in season through the Growth Stage Report is one more way Beck’s and FARMserver is helping farmers succeed.

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to your local Beck’s representative!

By Sheila Downey | Regional Precision Technology Specialist