FARMserver Updates: Post-Harvest Reporting

As harvest comes to an end, having the ability to explore how certain fields, products, and practices performed are all great reasons for entering your data into FARMserver. Uploading your data is as easy as pulling it from your monitor, zipping the file, and uploading it to If you have your account sent up to send data through a wireless integration, you will be able to jump right to the “Reports” section of FARMserver.

Depending on the data you have uploaded, an array of reports will be available. Here are a few examples:

  • Yield by Field Summary: Displays the average yield, average moisture, total bushels, and total harvested acres by field across your entire operation.
  • Yield by Soil Type Summary: Allows you to dive deeper into what soil types on your field were the highest producing by displaying average yield.
  • Yield by Hybrid/Variety Summary: Offers the ability to look at what hybrids/varieties performed the best across the entire operation.
  • Yield by Application Summary: Offers a deep dive look into how product application affected your yields in a given field. If you left check strips or split a farm, this report is your ticket.
  • Comprehensive Yield Report: Provides a detailed look into individual fields while evaluating ALL the possible variables: Yield Map, ROI Map, Yield by Hybrid/Variety, Yield by Soil Type, Yield by Hybrid/Variety by Soil Type, Yield by Management Zone, and Yield by Test Blocks (if you have them).

The other reports on this list are more helpful in-season but can also be reviewed at the end of the year. With the Planting Map and Planting Date Summary, you can tell what, where, and when you planted. The Scouting Note Report can be another valuable tool for evaluating what you saw during the year in different parts of the field. This could help jog your memory and explain the results of some yield maps from specific areas. There could be patterns or unexpected results that data-generated maps won’t show, but your scouting notes might help solve the mystery!

Francis Beck believed that “whatever you measure tends to improve,” and FARMserver is a GREAT way to help you measure your crops each year. If you would like to learn more about the reports list or any of the features in FARMserver, please reach out to your seed advisor or myself to schedule an appointment.

We are here to help you succeed! Give us a call today!


Zach Christianson | Regional Precision Technology Specialist