FARMserver Update: Are You Ready2Plant™?

FARMserver Update: Are You Ready2Plant™?

Picture this.

The calendar flips to April 1. You’re sipping on your first cup of coffee, thinking about the day, and an exciting thought creeps into your head…


For some of us, it’s earlier, and for some, it’s later, but there is something exciting about the thought of growing a new crop. With all your seed in the shed and the planter fine-tuned and in planting-ready condition, the only question yet to answer is, “SHOULD I PLANT?”

Over the past decade, our team has met with dealers, seed advisors, and customers, and the number one question we get asked in the spring, time and time again, […]

Spring Fever? We Have Your Prescription

Spring Fever? We Have Your Prescription

A lot of new and exciting technologies hit the agricultural industry this winter, from the See & Spray technology to self-propelled planters! The world of precision agriculture and technology is constantly evolving and at Beck’s, we strive to lead the way when it comes to finding smarter and more efficient ways to farm. Some of the ways we do that is through our Practical Farm Research (PFR) program and also FARMserver, our web-based application that allows farmers to collect and analyze data, write variable prescriptions, and build a wide variety of reports.

FARMserver can be used throughout the growing season, from […]

Harvest is Over: What to do with Yield Data?

Now that harvest is complete and fieldwork is wrapping up, the season of paperwork and planning is upon us as we turn our focus to a new crop year. But before you put 2016 completely behind you, don’t leave one of the most valuable tools for learning and improvement sitting in your combine. Put your yield data to use! Here are three ways start using your yield data:

1. Recordkeeping

Referencing yield maps as you evaluate field performance can be extremely helpful. Even if you carefully document every scale ticket, a yield map can be a nice way to double check the […]