FARMserver Update: Accessing Accurate Weather Information

Weather is always top of mind for farmers. It impacts our decision-making for that day, week, and beyond. It influences when to push forward, pause, or reevaluate our plan. Our agricultural practices, productivity, and crop performance are inherently tied to the weather, and aiming for prime conditions is vital to optimizing growth. Therefore, access to accurate and up-to-date weather information is crucial for making informed decisions about when to plant, irrigate, fertilize, and harvest.

FARMserver houses a wide array of weather data so you can make decisions with confidence. From field-specific rainfall amounts to hail to accumulated GDUs, FARMserver’s Weather Chart collects all this information. You can break down weather data from planting to harvest and evaluate rainfall from a given period by selecting a date range to assess. This feature works in conjunction with FARMserver’s Crop Growth Models so you can evaluate rainfall during specific stages. For example, if you’re curious about how much rain a field received during pollination, the platform can answer this.

Evaluating weather data from the past is just as valuable as looking at future forecasts. One of FARMserver’s longstanding partners, BAM Weather, a 24/7 weather consulting company with a staff of meteorologists, shares what’s approaching through daily videos. BAM combines proprietary weather models and outside-the-box thinking to generate a best-in-class weather forecast. BAM’s long-range video has been a prominent feature on FARMserver’s home screen for several years, offering information for local communities throughout the Midwest and predicting the forecast for the next one to three months.

If you’re looking for a more localized forecast with ag-focused forecast metrics, a BAM subscription can help support your operation. Starting this month, a special offer on a BAM Weather subscription is available exclusively to Beck’s customers. To learn more about how you can take advantage of this offer, CLICK HERE.

Sheila Downey | Regional Precision Technology Specialist