Trusted Advisors and the Sharing Feature

Many of us have a go-to person for agronomic advice. A “Trusted Advisor,” if you will. It may be our local seed dealer. It may be an agronomist.  When we call them for advice, we generally have to give them a story about the where, what, when and how of our question. FARMserver recognizes the value of Trusted Advisors and have created a feature in the website just for that.

The Sharing Feature in FARMserver is designed to efficiently flow information between you and that Trusted Advisor.  As an account owner, you have the opportunity to grant a Trusted Advisor access to your FARMserver account. Different permission levels are available depending on how much you wish to share.  You may choose to share one field in one year or multiple fields across multiple years. You may choose to share your yield maps, or you can keep those private. At any time, you have the option to edit or remove Trusted Advisors from your account.

Why is this important? Picture yourself scouting your field for disease when you run across something you don’t recognize. Using the FARMserver app, you create a scouting note with pictures and comments. Because of the Sharing Feature in FARMserver, your Trusted Advisor can see planting date, soil type, hybrid placement, weather history, and a GPS plotted point in the field where your note was taken. This helps him locate and diagnose what is going on as well as offer treatment suggestions for you.

Crop Scouting is just one example when sharing information is useful. Product placement, yield data analysis, management zone creation – these are all areas where your Trusted Advisor can help. By using the Sharing Feature with Trusted Advisors in your operation, information can be shared quickly and privately at your discretion while still maintaining total control of your data.

For more information about the Sharing Feature, visit the training videos in the Help section or call FARMserver support.

By Sheila Downey, Precision Farming Field Advisor