Benefits and Features of FARMserver

When it comes to the total seed package, we believe ours is the best value for every dollar spent. That means farmers get more from their investment in Beck’s than they can get with any other seed brand. We’re dedicated to providing a total value package to farmers, and one way we do that is by offering FARMserver at no cost to all Beck’s corn and soybean customers. From FARMserver’s dedicated support staff to your local Beck’s representatives, our team is here to ensure your success. 

Want to learn more about the value FARMserver brings to farmers across the corn belt? Check out the videos below to hear from two Beck’s dealers’ experiences and how they support their customers using the platform. They also share the features they value the most, including the Field Crop Growth Model, situational alerts, and PFR and Agronomy notifications. 

“FARMserver can be intimidating because it’s technology, and I get that, but don’t let the burden of intimidation prevent you from missing out on a great tool like FARMserver because it’s very beneficial. You’ll find that it unlocks a lot of neat ideas, and analytically, it will help you better manage your farm.”

– Dustin Libel, Beck’s Dealer

“FARMserver has helped me out a lot. The ROI Calculator, being able to punch things in. This year was really extreme because of the nitrogen prices, but we could go down through and see if 28 was the way to go or if dry fertilizer was the way to go. Our operation has benefited a lot from it.”

– Tom Ziel, Beck’s Dealer

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. 

Nick Yates | Regional Precision Technology Specialist