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Let The Planning Begin...


Planning for next year really started a few months ago as we were in the fields harvesting our crop. While harvesting, we were evaluating the plans that had been executed for the 2015 season, the decisions that were made, and the weather events that played out.


The Why, How, and What of Farm Data Upload.


Almost every farmer has at least one data-collecting device on their farm. This may be a yield monitor, planter monitor, or other type of device in a tractor cab that uses GPS to record information about your field operations. Despite all of these tools and machines, most of the data collected never leaves the device...


Breaking Down Seed Selection.


With the sun shining high and the smell of fall harvest in the air, I know many of you are looking forward to starting fresh in 2016. Planning for a new crop includes choosing the correct corn hybrid and soybean variety for your fields. To help with this process, Beck’s worked to develop the Seed Selection Tool as part of the FARMserver product.


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To help farmers succeed by simplifying precision ag.



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