[ Precision Ag. Simplified. ]

The foundation for all your precision farming activities.

The precision ag concept is really quite simple. Precisely monitor cropping variables, collect data concerning those variables, analyze the data, and then use the learned information to increase productivity on the farm. Until now, farmers have lacked the centralized and universal tools needed to properly implement precision ag strategies on their farms. Introducing FARMserver, a secure, online, web-based solution that serves as your farm's foundation for all precision ag activities.

Secure, safe data.

The importance of privacy is a fundamental concept at FARMserver and we employ preventative measures to ensure your information is never compromised.

Mobile access.

Take FARMserver from desktop to field and experience the freedom of a truly portable precision ag tool.

Max compatibility.

No matter how your operation changes, FARMserver adapts with updates in real time.

Field-focused recordkeeping.

Record detailed history of your fields to reference during any season or any year, to make better-informed decisions regarding your farm.

Precise Crop Health Imagery.

FARMserver provides the most comprehensive aerial imagery system available, with your choice of 21 different products for viewing your fields. FARMserver's Crop Health Imagery is powered by GeoVantage.

Field-focused weather.

FARMserver weather monitoring is focused on your individual fields. Receive email or text message alerts when rain is approaching.

Seed selection, streamlined.

Match seed to your fields and take the guesswork out of product selection with FARMserver.

Complete control.

Your data allows you to make crucial decisions regarding your Farm and with FARMserver, you can store, access, manage, and share that data however you need.

Do-it-yourself management zones.

FARMserver features an easy, step-by-step process that puts management zone creation in your hands. Because let's be honest, when it comes to your fields, you know them best.


With FARMserver you’ll never be without support for any portion of your account. From uploading your data to weather station set-up, FARMserver is here to make precision ag simple. In addition to your local Field Advisor, support is always available by calling 317.565.4120 or emailing support@FARMserver.com.

Our Mission

To help farmers succeed by simplifying precision ag.




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